n a small study in a hidden corner of Villa Mirabello, amongst bonsai trees, pastels and freshly sketched drawings, Viviana Spreafico works and collaborates with us. She’s a Milanese illustrator and letterer and the creator of the drawings in our tale Glocalland and some of the postcards of our collection.

She’s a small genius who uses her imagination and magic touch to make a phenomenon out of many of the ideas we seek to develop.

Although Viviana’s iconography is rooted in the world of children, her style allows her to make indirect and at times complex digressions. She uses simple shapes to express the elaborate and profound concepts at the basis of corporate and communications strategies. This is her secret.

Our enthusiasm is shared by our Chinese offices in Shanghai, too: they have put forward Viviana’s work  to various multinationals with offices in the Asian metropolises.

Placing her illustrating skills alongside multilingual services is not only an added value for us but allows us to “perfect” our ability to communicate: a drawing conveys a message in its own language, which is sometimes more immediate and understandable for those speaking different languages.

One of the most interesting projects was created for a pharmaceutical multinational which asked us illustrate its corporate values using cartoons: their aim was to publish an educational book for both Human Resources and families.

So, Viviana’s characters – stars of strictly wordless short stories – enabled employees to narrate abstract concepts to their own children, such as “Give clear, candid and timely feedback”, “Listen attentively and communicate appropriately”, “Be open-minded”, and also “Be accountable for consistent execution”, all of which are the founding values of the company.

Click here for a few examples…

Lastly, not long ago and once again for Eurologos Shanghai, Viviana created a murale for the company gym of another multinational, a 5 x 3-metre work of art inspired by the chemical galaxy.

We decided to ask her to tell us about the creative process at the basis of her work in a short video, both in honour of her and to thank her for the quality work she produces every day.

Enjoy browsing!

P.S. Those receiving our promotional postcards will have already appreciated Viviana’s work. If you want to receive them too, write to us at info@eurologos-milano.com and provide us with your email address.

Translated by Louise McNeela

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