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Eurologos Milan’s offices are located in the beautiful setting of Villa Mirabello, a haven of peace tucked away in the centre of Lombardy’s bustling main city. The villa, unknown to most, is a veritable jewel: formerly the Visconti family’s country manor, it now hosts the non-profit Villa Mirabello Foundation and numerous businesses.

The villa is home to Eurologos Milan, which is part of VM6, where ideas are created thanks to a synergistic collaboration between six organisations – Eurologos Milan, Capricorn, Beecreative, Pentaphoto, Pepe Research and Sunny Milano – with the aim of offering a wider range of integrated communications services.

All the companies in the group share the same approach, aims and quality standards, while operating individually within our respective sectors and working together with common clients and on joint projects when required.

Welcome to the place where incentives, insight and ideas become communication. All around this courtyard professionals, each with a different area of expertise, work together to bring their knowledge and skills to your business through their professional services.

The ancient villa has a window on the future. In this space dynamic websites, applications and all things of the future are studied and invented. Here each story recounts the present day using the means of the future. If your business needs to take a step forward, come and see us… Beecreative. Specialised in the creation of different types of websites, Beecreative provides its customers with solutions for attaining desired visibility and positioning on the Internet. It has the resources to design all types of web platforms and mobile applications.

Within these walls, individuals cultivate and develop thoughts, bring them into being and invent way-out ways of making them memorable, fantastic and desirable. Graphic design and colours are skilfully used and give any project a powerful edge… Capricorn. Devises and fulfils creative ideas and graphics solutions, from packaging to promotions, to below the line, trade marketing and materials for sales points. It also has a department which creates all kinds of illustrations: technical (cutaways, exploded view diagrams), hyperrealistic drawings and cartoons.

This is a place where stories are told in all languages of the world: from Arabic to Zulu. There is no word, sentence or information which fears boundaries or limits. If your business comes to a standstill where your language skills fail you, come and pay us a visit. You will soon find that we are speaking the same language… Eurologos Milano. The Italian office of the Eurologos Group, an international company with over 35 years’ experience in the language services sector. It is specialised in translation, editing, interpreting, multilingual DTP and graphic design, and can supply projects in any language, even the rarest on earth.

Behind these gates, a story lasts the time it takes to take a photograph. The images we create here recount people, places and objects. Just like all good photos, they are much more beautiful to look at than to hear about. Whatever your business, bring your project to us and we will put it in the best light… Pentaphoto. Leader since 1979 in the sports photography field. Over the years it has broadened its sphere of activity, from fashion photography to still life. It has an indoor studio with technology able to take extremely high definition 360° shots of objects.

At VM6 we explore new possibilities and investigate; we describe and interpret; we observe and analyse. In a nutshell, we research. And we do so with a good dose of experience, passion and expertise. Come and meet us to find out more about our world… Pepe Research. This company performs market and socio-political research, using modern, innovative and targeted instruments alongside the more classic techniques. The two founding partners have managed qualitative and quantitative research projects for important bodies, companies and associations throughout Italy.

Advertising is at the heart of sales and behind our window beats the heart of many familiar advertising campaigns that have contributed to the success of well-known brands. If your company needs to speak, come and speak to us about it. We look forward to meeting you… Sunny Milano. Communications agency founded by two creative directors who developed their expertise in the most important agencies of the international advertising scene. They have created famous TV, radio, press and poster campaigns for leading brands in various product sectors.

Come in and make yourselves at home.


The idea behind VM6 in Villa Mirabello dates back to 2012 and is the brainchild of a group of professionals working in the world of communications, marketing, creativity and design, who were inspired by the unique opportunity of being able to pool their ideas and skills.
At one of the first round table meetings, we took inspiration from the words of Steven Johnson, the American journalist and author and new technology expert. He comments on how new technologies and the web – and their capacity to multiply our “connections” – can affect the idea-creation process, but in particular on how the result of an idea is almost always due to the influence of and collaboration between several people who create the individual parts of the same idea.

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