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Welcome to Villa Mirabello, home to Eurologos Milan

Villa Mirabello is one of the most interesting examples of 15thcentury suburban villa-farmsteads and one of the best-preserved buildings close to the city centre of Milan. Originally associated with the Mirabello family, who probably began construction work on the building in 1445, ownership was handed over to Pigello Portinari, a Florentine nobleman who was called on to manage the Milan branch of the Medici Bank. After passing through the hands of the Landriani family and Giovanni Marino, halfway through the 16th century the villa, by now functioning only as a farm, entered a long period of decline that was halted only at the start of the 20th century when it began to be restored.

The brick-built complex has an L-shape structure, with pointed windows and terracotta cornices bordered with plaster and sgraffito sections. The building is flanked by a small church dedicated to “Mater Amabilis” with a 15th century fresco depicting a saint raising the cross. Enclosing the courtyard is the wing of the outbuildings that acts as a communicating passage between the two buildings, as well as giving a sense of total closure to the inner courtyard. Beyond is the “hortus”, and the whole complex is surrounded by a strong wall. In the interior, there is a large hall with a band of heraldic decorations on the walls, as well as traces of frescoes featuring heraldic motifs and decorations, and a courtly-style fresco in the attic. On the exterior, in the centre of the courtyard stands a fountain basin, known as the “mangia bagaj”. It is a copy by Beltrami from the end of the 19th century and comes from Vigevano Castle. Since 1916, the villa has been home to the Casa di lavoro e patronato per i ciechi di guerra di Lombardia (a centre providing work, aid and support for persons blinded in combat in Lombardy).

The building complex is an island set in a large garden, comprising a residential quarter of Art Deco villas and crossed by avenues, following the city’s expansion northwards. This is Eurologos Milan’s home. Come and see us – we look forward to meeting you!

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