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Eurologos Milan and the cornerstones of our work

Eurologos Milan has always been committed to respecting its clients’ specialist business language and localised communication, by carefully selecting the native-language translators who deal with the various language combinations.


A subset of socio-style, in other words the specialist language of a market segment, technolect means the professional jargon comprising the client’s specific scientific or technical lexical expressions.


Linguistic localisation allows a text to be translated and adapted, making it suitable for readers in a target market segment, while respecting the geo-style of that country, in other words respecting the social and communication differences.


With the help of special software and the linguistic skills of terminologists, we keep track of translation choices made in the past, in order to respect the clients’ terminology and guarantee uniformity and consistency in their texts.

Eurologos Milano and the credentials of a communication publishing company

The Eurologos Group works with clients on 4 continents: from multinationals and international institutions to small and medium local enterprises. The Group produces more than 70 million words a year in up to 45 language combinations. The Eurologos Milano office alone translates and revises around 9 million words a year. The profiles of many of our global clients are presented in our trimonthly e-Magazine, “Glocal”, available online, in print and on our company website www.eurologos.com. We have chosen more than 500 examples representative of both the type of services offered by our offices on a daily basis, and the innumerable sectors in which our clients operate: find those from your own sector!

Our specialized translation and terminology department produces more than 500,000 terms that are certified and organized in a large number of multilingual industry-relevant glossaries (technological assistance is also employed in the form of specialized translation systems, notably SDL Trados 2015, with whom we are partners). You can find a list of our main sectors of interest below:

  • Fashion & Luxury

  • Tourism and Leisure

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical & Chemical

  • Cosmetics

  • Food Industry & Large Distribution

  • Human Resources

  • R&D, Engineering & Construction

  • Advertising & Publishing

  • IT & Telecommunications

  • Socio-economics, Legal & Financial

  • Transport

  • CSR

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