Welcome to Eurologos Milan, the Italian office of the Eurologos Group

Founded in April 1996 as the first international branch of the Eurologos brand, the Milan-based office immediately took on the complex challenge of the Italian language market, providing glocal solutions, with a focus on the fundamental requirement of translating using professional native speakers, the obligation of a dual check to guarantee the quality of the translated text, and the capacity to follow a project through, from writing to printing. Allow us to introduce the current team, here to help you with anything you need every day!

Matteo Fiorini


matteoIT (EN – ES)

Dario Bertolesi


darioIT (EN – DE – ES)

Enrica Viola


Francesca Castelnuovo

Project Manager

francesca IT (EN – FR)

Martina Nencini

Interpreter & Project Manager

martina IT (FR – NL – EN)

Paola Mirra

Project Manager

Patrizia Zapparoli

Proofreader & DTP Dept.

Paola Scodeggio


Welcome to Eurologos Shanghai!

优言优格 (youyanyouge) is the name of the company founded by Eurologos Milan in Shanghai in 2008 to offer quality multilingual communications and extend our method to the Chinese market. Under the guidance of Tina Yuan and the partners Giacomo Lotti and Raimondo Gissara, our Shanghai team shares their office area with TeeHee, a marketing and communications company, with whom they work on a variety of multilingual communications projects.

2nd Floor, Building 2, No. 23, Lane 258
Cao Xi Road, Xu Hui District, Shanghai 200233
+86 (0)21 6436 3747
+86 (0)21 6436 1463
E-mail: info@eurologos-shanghai.com

Giacomo Lotti

Partner & General Manager

Tina Yuan

Office Manager

Vincent Wu 吴炜超

Vincent Wu 吴炜超

Graphic Designer

Xiaoxiao Liu 柳笑笑

Xiaoxiao Liu 柳笑笑


Kevin Zhang 张昊晟

Kevin Zhang 张昊晟

Senior Translator/Reviser

Víctor del Prado Millán

Project Manager & Proofreader

Madrid Victor

ES (EN – FR – IT)

Welcoming Eurologos Madrid!

In 2000, Eurologos welcomed Eurologos-Madrid, an agency already established and specialised in technical and engineering translations, to the group. Over the years of collaboration, Eurologos-Madrid has worked for hundreds of clients across various sectors, from advertising to technical instrumentation. The two associates, Maite Medina and Víctor del Prado, are meticulous individuals, who are always available and attentive to the requests of their varied and demanding clients, even when time is limited. Since 2008, Eurologos-Madrid has held the dual certification ISO 9001 and EN 15038.

ISEB Traducción Industrial S.L.
c/ de los Tilos, 7
E-28450 Collado Mediano, Madrid
+34 9185 9847 0 – +34 9171 0347 3
E-mail: info@eurologos-madrid.com

Maite Medina

Administration, DTP, Quality Assurance

Odile Troiano

General Manager

FR (EN – IT)

Welcome to Eurologos Brussels, the Group’s Head Office!

The Eurologos Group, founded in Brussels in 1977 and inspired by the experience of the CEO Franco Troiano, is a multinational company in multilingual communication, operating on four continents. According to the philosophy of the Group, headed today by Odile Troiano, the Belgian parent company’s General Manager, the best conditions for producing, revising and validating texts in a given language can only occur in an office operating in the country (and on the market) where that language is spoken: this is the basic requirement to assure linguistic quality.

(Head Office)

550 Chaussée de Louvain
1030 Brussels – 
Tel.: +32 (0)2 735 48 18
Fax: +32 (0)2 736 87 67
Email: info@eurologos.be


MTP Eurologos Via villa Mirabello Milano


MTP Shanghai via shanghai


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